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Tom Alter - Songs and Guitar

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Tom Alter is a Michigan based songwriter, singer, and guitarist.  

Since picking up his first guitar at the age of eight, Tom has been influenced by a wide range of musical genres.  Listening to his recordings, you encounter the sounds of pop, jazz, latin, country, and r&b, mixed into his alternative folk catalog.  

Tom developed his musical skills playing for weddings and church services.  In 2019, he started performing and recording as a solo singer-songwriter.  In addition, he and friend Katie Williamson collaborate as the duo After Blue, with four full-length albums released since 2016.

Tom's musical influences are evident in his songs.  Pop and rock influences include the Beatles, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson and New Order.  Tom's guitar heroes include Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Mark Knopfler.  He also writes songs with a nod to the bossa nova composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.  

Tom's song lyrics often combine current events and history with his personal experiences.  His 2019 album "Notes from the Lesser Middle" reflects on the political climate in the United States, calling for a renewed sense of community and dialogue.  This release was followed by EPs released in 2019 and 2020 titled "Passage from the Lesser Middle" and "Wading in the Lesser Middle." These EPs cover a variety of topics from literature to climate change, from Hank Williams to former major league pitcher Dock Ellis, and from psychic mediums to the innocent victims of war.   

In 2020, Tom completed a project he had long desired to produce. "Songs for an American Hero" is a six-track tribute to the late civil rights leader and congressman, John Lewis.  

And in 2021, inspired by the events of 2020, Tom released the album "One Year in the Lesser Middle," featuring songs about the pandemic, politics, the quest for equal rights, and events in his personal life.

At the end of 2021, Tom release his sixth collection of songs, "Poetry and Protest." He was happy to be joined by After Blue vocalist Katie Williamson and Sara Gibson, who provided cello on three songs.

Tom continues to perform his solo music and with After Blue at a variety of venues and events.  He resides in Fraser, Michigan.  

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